Illum Wikkelsø Sofa

Jaana H-N has added a photo to the pool:

I had the best weekend. Sometimes it is almost irritating to see how people find thrown away vintage furniture just like that, and you pay your ass off to vintage dealers to get what you like. :)

This time I am the irritating one. I bought this Illum Wikkelsø (1919 – 1999, Denmark) 1960s design sofa with palisander (rosewood) legs AND a matching coffee table from a lovely old lady who lived her life in Helsinki (and bought these brand new from a furniture store in Helsinki) and now moved to Oulu where I live.

She wanted to buy something nice to her new apartment and wanted to sell this old sofa and the table. The deal was made with the help of his very friendly nephew. I paid 200 euros for the sofa and 100 euros for the table and I was thrilled!

This sofa model is veeeery hard to find nowadays so I hit the jackpot! And I love the look of them. They are stunning! I will of course renovate these.. new upholstery and some TLC for the wooden parts.

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