Ugly duckling..

Jaana H-N has added a photo to the pool:

So.. I had an interesting day at work. Today I was visiting an apartment building under a huge overall renovation, and there was this big open metal dumpster in the middle of the yard (usually provided by the constructor for unwanted junk as people move temporarily out of their apartments).
Standing there, I saw a little glimpse of a metal chair leg on top of the dumpster.

It was a struggle to reach the chair due to the height of the dumpster, but I found another beaten old chair and used it to get higher. I wanted to know what was there!! :D

It was a beautiful chair with a horrific upholstery. At home I checked if I can find information about my treasure, and apparently this lovely “Rondo” chair is designed by Olli Borg in 1966 and the manufacturer is Asko Finland. These are sold in Finnish vintage furniture stores for about 500 euros. :)

I’m extremely happy! This will get a new upholstery etc.. soon.

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