Interview with Lynn Kingelin, designer from IKUINEN DESIGN

Today we are posting another gem in our collection: interview of Lynn Kingelin, talented designer from London. We wrote about her studio ‘IKUINEN DESIGN‘ few days before, and she also was so friendly to answer to our questions.

NDB: Hi Lynn, First off how did IKUINEN DESIGN name come about?

Lynn KingelinEveryone asks me about my studio’s name. Initially it was an over the top attempt at an ethos, but I keep the Ikuinen name as reminds me of perpetual, humorous paradox of design. Most designs are culturally encouraged to be ephemeral and temporal yet inveriably all design leaves a lasting impression on our world long after it disappears.

There is a connection to Finland. I grew up in a small Finnish-American town along the coast of Washington State. My mother is all Finnish and my father is half. I have a fond place in my heart for Finland.

NDB: Tell us about your favorite work you have done?

My favorite piece of recent design is my ‘Shredded Paper Recycling Bin.’ I developed shredded paper as a material and I am attempting to get the design mass manufactured as the response has been amazing. Any companies interested in manufacturing and marketing the product have my attention!

Shredded Paper Recycling Bin

NDB: This is a popular question that we ask our favorites. What are the top three songs currently on your playlist or what is your favorite music station?

The three songs with worn edges in my IPOD would be ‘Home’ by Marc Broussard, ‘Al Verte Partir’ by Alih Jey and ‘Breathe (2AM)’ by Anna Nalick.

NDB: What is your favorite drink?

NDB: Finally Lynn, any words of wisdom for our Nordic Design Blog readers?

My favorite drink is a Blackberry Bramble and my wisdom to NDB readers… When you have run out of patience there is always airfare.

NDB: Thank you very much Lynn for your interview, and we wish you success in your creative work.

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  1. I need to know how to make contact with Lynn Kingelin. I would like to know about purchasing the recycled waste paper basket. 818 822-6578 for contact too.

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