Finnish Fashion in Japan

The Finnish Institute in Japan will be introducing some of the top fashion names and brands in Finland. An exhibition called "Finland Collection – Fashion Design from the North"  (フィンランド新進ファッションデザイナー展) will take place in Tokyo between 13th and 19th of November at Spiral Omotesando Tokyo.

The show will feature the following Finnish fashion design brands.

IVANA Helsinki, the people behind fennofolk movement, with designer Paola Suhonen and Pirjo Suhonen

Lustwear, a two sisters’ design company known for their ecological design principles.

Hanna Sarén,  a well-known artist with clothing and bags for men and women.

Naoto Niidome, a Finnish-Japanese designer introdusing his Koivikko cosmetics line, made out of Finnish birch sap.

Tiia Vanhatapio, an awarded young designer for women’s and baby fashion.

St. Vacant, a shoe brand with unique sneakers and made-to-fit shoes.

Besides the exhibition, these designers have other activities. Naoto Niidome and IVANA Helsinki will have a VIP-show at the Finnish Embassy. Paola and Pirjo Suhonen will be lecturing at Bunka Fashion College and at Finland Café  2006 event.

For all those interested in Finland and Finnish design and close to Tokio – don’t miss this great opportunity!

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