Tangible code – Call for workshop participation


Call for workshop participation

Tangible code

Wednesday 15th of February – Saturday 18th of February

at Atelier Nord Oslo/Norway

by Marius Watz & Erich Berger

Free participation

Application deadline Friday 27th of January Send applications with CV to sense@anart.no

Recently, code evidently became artistic material and programming artistic practice. The coding artist literally hacks his/her artwork, forms it with skilled hands, touching and communicating with and through it.

Physical electronic interfaces enable the artist to tighten the relation between the artwork and the audience.

Tangible code is a workshop for artists and practitioners who are interested in the concepts of programming and physical computing.

The employed tools are the multi platform and open source programming and hardware environments Processing and Arduino.



During the workshop participants will be introduced into the basics of programming and the building of sensor controlled physical interfaces. It will be a hands on workshop and lab situation as Atelier Nord has a well equipped physical computing workplace.


Participation is free of charge.

Artists and practitioners interested in participating are asked to apply with a CV to sense@anart.no

Application deadline January 27th.

Workshop directors and producer:

Marius Watz (NO/DE) http://unlekker.net/

Erich Berger(AT/NO) http://randomseed.org/ Tangible code is part of the Interface and Society project at Atelier Nord.

Upcoming workshops at Atelier Nord:

April: Media art and fashion with Sabine Seymour (AT) May: Mobile media art with Laura Beloff (FI) June: Media art and public space with Susanne Jaschko (DE)

ATELIER NORD PHONE +47 23060880 FAX +47 23060884 E-MAIL office@anart.no URL http://anart.no MAIL Lakkegata 55 D, N-0187 Oslo, Norway

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