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I'm a creative design professional who's been living in Finland for few years. I created this blog to address some of the cultural, professional, and various current event issues in Finland and other nordic countries. I using to think that the role of graphic design is very important in our everyday life.

Rooms at the Thielska

Bosc d’Anjou has added a photo to the pool: The Thiel Gallery, Stockholm. From the Gallery’s web-site: "The building was designed by Ferdinand Boberg specifically to house banker and art patron Ernest Thiel’s magnificent art collection and was completed in 1907. The Thiel Gallery also served as Ernest Thiel’s home from 1907 to 1924 and has remained largely unaltered ever since. The upper floor was designed in accordance with Thiel’s own proposal of two large rooms “whose walls would be covered with paintingsâ€�. These two…

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