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Can you hear me

Bosc d’Anjou has added a photo to the pool: Per Hasselberg (1850-1894) The Telephone (1884-85) Plaster. This sculpture group is part of the ceiling decoration of the Fürstenberg Gallery section of the Gothenburg Museum of Art, with classical-style allegories of modern subjects such as magnetism, steam, dynamite, electricity, the telephone and photography. In the medallion, a painting by Georg Pauli (1855-.1935) also entitled The Telephone (ca. 1884). Source: Nordic Design flickr pool

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Knutholmen 03

Bosc d’Anjou has added a photo to the pool: KalvÃ¥g used to be a place of some significance as a fishing centre and above all as the seat of the Bremanger municipality until 1964. The painter Nikolai Astrup was born here (although he grew up in Ã…lvik). The loss of the municipal administration and the crisis in the herring industry due to overfishing led to a period of decline. In recent years the village has reinvented itself as a tourist resort and its carefully restored…

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Bosc d’Anjou has added a photo to the pool: The Salt Water Mill was a grain milling company established in the late 19th century in a area of about 4 hectares along the northern shore of Kvarnholmen. It operated for about a century and during this time several buildings were erected. The first building, from 1890, was the red-brick clad castle to the right, designed by Anders Wilhelm Bergström (1851-1934). The yellow building bearing the inscription Saltsjöqvarn was a semolina mill designed in 1923 by…

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